About Sauce Daddys

Our History

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Two guys that met in Hilton Head South Carolina had a vision. To bring a really cool store with fun "foodie" products to a really great location.

Chris, an adopted native of Fayette County GA, who found himself as a full time musician on the beaches of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina always had that bbq/foodie thing going on in the background.

One night at a show at some beach bar ( I cant remember which one, its a little fuzzy) he approached his buddy Ryan with an idea of putting together hot sauces, bbq sauces and rubs, olive oils and other cool food things under one roof away from the beach. After all, they have seen it done other places?!? 

Ryan, a transplant to the South and always up for a cool adventure : ), said Heck Yeah!!  (we will just say "Heck" this time).

All they had to do is decide where??

So being from the Fayetteville/Senoia area Chris  thought... SENOIA!

Ryan and Chris loaded up and off they went. When Ryan drove onto Main Street in Senoia, he exclaimed "this is just like a town in a movie", after all it is the home of the Walking Dead, and numerous other productions. It did not take long to realize that the town is great and the folks are friendly. Senoia is this the place to do this!

With Ryans' business sense and Chris' creative mind they combined to put together a unique experience.

That was July of 2020, now the guys have created a really cool place with awesome products in the heart of Senoia, Georgia!

Come by and say HEY! to the "Sauce Daddys" of Senoia and try our great products yall!